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Voting and Fair Districts

Voting should be easy, not hard. Virginia should remove requirements for absentee voting and should allow the use of mailed ballots for anyone who wants or needs it. No one who is eligible to vote should be prevented in any way, even if they do not want to present at a polling station.

Voters should choose their representatives, not representatives choosing their voters through gerrymandering. I support One Virginia 2021’s intentions, but at the same time, I believe it isn’t going far enough. They propose a constitutional amendment that requires a non-partisan commission which is the right approach. Additional legislation that goes with it should specify exactly what that commission’s job is, lest the commission get bogged down in arguments.

Health Care

Health care is a right, not a luxury. We shouldn’t have to choose between bankruptcy or death if we’re faced with a catastrophic illness. My husband was “retired” in April 2017. Our only option for health insurance was the Affordable Care Act. It’s not great right now, but it’s the only plan we can afford until we qualify for Medicare. Monthly health insurance premiums shouldn’t cost the same or more than a mortgage payment.


The time for talk on expanding fast, affordable, reliable Internet in rural areas is done. It’s time to move forward with real solutions and implementation. The General Assembly should provide funding for counties to provide grants for local entrepreneurs to bring hard to reach areas online. My husband created Madison Gigabit Internet, a company that seeks to combine existing power utility poles, fiber cable and wireless routers to bring affordable, high speed Internet to unserved areas of Madison County.


The Republican answer to grow the economy is always cut taxes and regulations. All this does is make rich people richer. I want to help people in Senate District 24 by investing in them…with job training programs, career and technical education, making community college free and public universities less expensive.

The minimum wage should be raised incrementally to $15 per hour by 2021 for large corporations and employers with more than 50 employees by 2023. Working people can’t survive on $7.25 per hour. Women should be paid the same amount as men doing the same job. Men are not necessarily the primary breadwinners anymore.


Public servants like teachers should be paid as such. They are not public slaves. They should also have the resources they need to do their jobs without digging into their own pockets. Which teachers do you want teaching your kids, the best ones or the worst? The best will cost more.

All children should receive the best public education possible. That includes children who are physically, emotionally and learning disabled.  I strongly oppose using public vouchers for private schools. In rural areas, this takes away precious money from already limited budgets and the best teachers. Plus, having a voucher doesn’t guarantee admission to a private school…which means the children that are left behind will get a second-class education or none at all.


Virginia should have universal background checks and ban bump stocks. Domestic abusers and the mentally ill who are a danger to themselves and the community should not be allowed to own guns. If you have to be 21 years old to buy alcohol, you should be 21 years old to buy any type of firearm. There should also be a 3-day waiting period.




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